A Splash of Color

Tako the Zunami Mascot

Social community artist for Caffeine.TV

Below you can contact me with a quick form. Art will start off as free, if you want it to be a commission or merch piece let me know. If your art will go beyond the 1 hour free mark, I will let you know and see what you would like to do.

Hello and thanks for visiting my portfolio. I stream artwork at http://www.Caffeine.TV/Zunami I use this site to share my finished pieces with everyone. The links above you can use to browse, request art, or visit my discord where I do giveaways, and just have casual chats with people. If you have an art request you can e-mail me or use the submission form on the left hand side.

My style is more on the cartoon/chibi side, I can do more realistic or stylized but it takes more time to process and render it in a way that I feel meets my standards and would be good enough for the clients. I do everything from (small pieces; discord/twitch emotes, avatars, profile pics), (medium pieces; general art, logos, banners), (large pieces; full page commissions, overlays, streamer bundles for OBS) there are also pieces that I can’t share unfortunately at the request of the client for their personal brand protection.

As an artist I like to try to be creative; however, I have aphantasia. The short version I can’t see/picture things in my mind so I apply art technically with repetition and practice, so the more information you give me on what you are looking for in your request, the better I will be able to make art for you.

Types of Art | Prices

Simple personal art | Free

Merch designs | $20 base fee + hourly

Rough Sketch Design fee | $5/hr
(if you don’t know what you want and get several options)

$10USD/hr for art paid requests

Emotes/Emoji | no base fee

Logos/Overlays | no base fee

Art Experience

2 years at community college for General Art
Graphics Design Module @ ShawAcaedmy
Ultimate Digital painting course; Beginner to Advance @ Udemy

Like most kids, drew art growing up. Copying comic books or drawing random characters. Started art from 2006-2009 then took a break and came back in 2019. I work mostly in digital art, but can do traditional works with pencil, charcoal, acrylic paint, pottery, clay, other mediums, and general arts and crafts.

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